China Glaze – Hologram Collection

It’s not a secret that I love holographic polishes. You can imagine that I got very excited when I saw China Glaze’s recently released Hologram Collection ๐Ÿ˜‰ This collection consists of twelve (yes, twelve!) holo’s! Since I already have quite a few holo’s, I patiently waited for swatches made by fellow polish addicts before making an order *patting myself on the shoulder*… I ended up ordering these three:china glaze hologram 2013
All swatches have a base coat, two coats of color, without top coat. Every first picture is taken in natural lightning and the second ones under artificial lightning.

Astro-Hot, a light pink holo with lavender undertones. Not that unique, but very hologram astro-hot
Astro-Hot cg hologram astro-hot1
Infra Red, a hot magenta holo. This is my absolute favorite! Mostly because it’s gorgeous in natural lightning too ๐Ÿ™‚cg hologram infra red
Infra Red cg hologram infra red1
When Stars Collide
, a deep purple-maroon holo. I picked this one because I didn’t have a holo like this in my stash. Love this!cg hologram when stars collide
When Stars Collide cg hologram when stars collide1I’m very happy with the ones I picked from this collection. The formula of these is great. You’ll need two easy coats for full opacity. And as with all holo’s, it dries very quick ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you pick up any shades of this collection? Which one(s)?
And I’d like to know which rigdefiller you prefer. I’m thinking of buying one (especially for the holo’s and metallics), but like to know which one(s) you’d recommend.

Thanks for reading! Happy polishing!

13 thoughts on “China Glaze – Hologram Collection

  1. I love the 3-color art you did with these, but sadly I wasn’t very impressed with them. I don’t really like subtle holos, no matter how pretty they are. If I’m going to have a holo, I want some rainbows SCREAMING out of them!!

  2. Avon & Sally Hansen have pretty decent ridge fillers.
    These are pretty colors, and only one or two of them are unique enough that I know I don’t own something similar. China Glaze has awesome polish.

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