Essence – Floral Grunge

Essence has recently released their new Trend Edition, Floral Grunge. I’d like to show you the five nail polishes of this collection. When I saw the descriptions on the bottle caps I got very excited about this collection. For example, ‘The Rough’ and ‘The Suede’. But after swatching these, I came to the conclusion that nothing is what it seems like… Scroll down and judge for yourself πŸ˜‰essence floral grunge
Lily Bloom – The Pearl, an off white cream with shimmer. The description “The Pearl” made me think this would have a pearly finish, but it hasn’t. It’s a nice shade though. I needed three coats to get it opaque. essence floral grunge lily bloom
Be Flowerful – The Shine, a corally orange cream. Since it’s sheer I needed three coats for full opacity. Also, it’s streaky. But one coat of Seche Vite evened it out to a nice glossy finish.Β  essence floral grunge be flowerful
Grunge Me Tender – The Suede, a soft mint green shimmer with a satin finish (not suede). I used three coats but I think it could be done with two πŸ™‚ (no top coat)essence floral grunge grunge me tender
Madly Purpled – The Matt, a matte dusty purple. This dried extremely quick. I used two coats here, without top coat.essence floral grunge madly purpled
Black To The Roots – The Rough, a semi matte black shade with silver glitter. As the description suggests, I was expecting a ‘rough’ textured finish. It is a bit gritty thanks to the glitter, but textured… NO. Still like this! You?essence floral grunge black to the rootsThis collection is available at stores until the end of this May.

Please let me know your thought about this collection in the comments below πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “Essence – Floral Grunge

  1. Ik vind dit één van de leukste collecties van Essence met alle verschillende finishes.
    Ik heb Be Flowerful gekocht en wil Grunge Me Tender en Madly Purpled ook nog erg graag scoren! Nu maar hopen dat ze nog niet uitverkocht zijn…

  2. Nice swatches! I also had the same feeling with Black on the Roots. Only the glitters where ‘feelable’ but nothing more than that (so I applied a topcoat). Strangly I had a good coverage in two coats of Lily Bloom. But I’ve read more ladies whoom needed 3 coats.

  3. The matte one def looks matte, but the others just look like normal polish. They are absolutely pretty…. but the whole naming convention is a little misleading, no?

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