Northern Star Polish

Today I have two creations of another indie brand for you, Northern Star Polish.nothern star polishAbout Northern Star Polish:
“I’ve been selling polished on Etsy since last March, and am still having a blast with the creative process, pigments and glitter.
I strive to use high quality and durable ingredients in my polishes, which means only using stainless steel agitator balls, solvent resistant glitters and proper suspension base (always DBP, Toulene and Formeldehyde free and never diluted with clear top coat). I personally test all glitters and pigments for months before using them in my products and all polish designs go through a holding and testing period before I release them for sale.
Polishes come in two sizes: 9ml/0.3 oz for $6.00 and 15ml/0.5 oz for $9.00. I’ve recently made the switch from the typical 5ml to 9ml bottles because I think you get more for the money, they’re easier to handle and they’re just cuter! 🙂
I like to include a small thank you gift with all purchases. The bottle of cuticle oil is a recipe of my own making, and is especially great to use after taking a bath or shower to help your skin seal in moisture”.

Onto the swatches! All swatches have a base- and top coat.

Storybook Love (As Your Wish Collection) is described by Kristin as a milky based polish with a touch of Buttercup yellow filled with goldenrod, gold, light mint, white, and pink glitters. It can be worn on it’s own, if you don’t mind a slight visible nail line. I layered two coats of Storybook Love over a sheer nude base. The application went easy and smooth. nothern star polish love storybook
Drop.Your.Sword. (As You Wish Collection), is described by Kristin as a black jelly filled with multiple sizes of silver glitter plus extra tiny red and blue sparkles. This one immediately reminded me of a starry night. Therefore I chose to layer it over a dark blue base to create a galaxies look. The formula, as with Storybook Love, is perfect to work with. Even though my base color was streaky, I really like how this turned out. nothern star polish drop your sword
Check out all Kristin’s creations at her Etsy shop. You can find Northern Star Polish on Facebook too! And… there’s currently a giveaway up which runs until March 31st! Make sure to not miss it 😉

*products were kindly provided to me by Nothern Star Polish for my unbiased review

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