Pure luxury for your hands in two simple pots!

I’d like to share with you my latest discovery on hand care. I’m super excited about these and really can’t withhold.

I’m always on the look out for products that can be used as a mask for my hands. I think I found the perfect combination of products and just need to share this with you. I know Lemony Flutter by Lush is an amazing product if it comes to cuticle care. You probably knew that already too, but the combination of the following two products is new to me 🙂
Take a look at what I’m loving so much:lush swatch.
Lemony Flutter is a thick rich yellow pasty cream that gets oily when it touches the skin. It smells like fresh lemon (JUM!) and is easy to apply. Above you can see how it looks on the skin. Below are two shots of the pot which lists the ingredients. lush lemony flutter.
Smitten is a rich cream that smells like almonds and marzipan. You can see in the first picture that it has the looks of a bodylotion. Jeanette at The Swatchaholic told me about Smitten and I knew I needed to try it (in combination with Lemony Flutter). It absorbs quickly in to the skin and feels incredible soft.
The lovely lady that helped me with my order through Lush’ website, told me that this belongs to the Retro Collection, meaning that it is discontinued! 😦 But hey, Lush isn’t Lush if they don’t make many more hand care products that probably work as good as this one. For example Helping Hands and Handy Gurugu.
Below you see some shots of the pot which lists the fresh ingredients.lush smitten.
How I use these products as a nightly hand mask:
Massage your whole hands with a generous amount of Smitten. Then apply a generous amount of Lemony Flutter on and around your cuticles. I like to gently massage my cuticles, but that is all up to you! 😉 Get your hands in a pair of cotton gloves and let the products work their magic overnight. You will wake up with super soft  and perfect moisturized hands. I just LOVE it!

What products do you use if it comes to hand care?

Find your online Lush shop here!

9 thoughts on “Pure luxury for your hands in two simple pots!

  1. Lemony flutter is heaven! I think this is one of the most populair products of Lush. I think i wouldn’t like the hand cream because of the smell

  2. I heard so much about Flutter that I ordered some since I have no Lush stores for 600 miles. But when it came I could not use it – the smell was horrible! I don’t know if I got a bad tub or what but the smell was anything but pleasant lemony. Since then I have read some reviews that agreed with me – seems it’s a nice smell to some and horrible to others. Odd as I don’t tend to think I have a sensitive nose other than to cigarette smoke smell.

  3. I love both of these products, but not the gloves. Cotton gloves will absorb much of the product and won’t get on your hands 😦 When I do this, I bought a “good” pair of hairstylist type gloves (good like 3 bucks at Sally’s for 1 pair) and use those – the stuff does not absorb in that and instead will go into the skin! Not to mention it traps heat in there for better absorption.

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