Liquid Sky Lacquer

Liquid Sky Lacquer is a creation by Carolyn. She does not only create glitter toppers, but also holographic, duochrome and jelly polishes. Thumbs up for that! Let’s take a look at six of her many pretty polishes:lsl
Enchanted Waterfall, a light blue linear holographic polish. The picture below is -as with the other ones- taken in daylight. Even then is the holo effect visible. This is one strong holo! You don’t need the sun or artificial lightning to see the rainbow 😉 The formula is great. I used two easy flowing coats without top coat. Drying time is pretty quick.liquid sky lacquer enchanted waterfall
The Break Of Day, a duochrome that shifts from peach to gold. The color shifting is subtle but I think that’s okay with this soft shade. The formula is leaning to frosty so it can be a little streaky and you can see some imperfections on the nails. I advice to use a ridgefiller 😉 A big bonus is that this is almost a one coater. With one coat it is a very subtle soft peachy shade and when applying a second coat it’s bit darker. I used two coats for full opacity (on my free edges) without top coat. Drying time is average. Great shade for Spring ha?!liquid sky lacquer the break of day
Rain Cloud, a dark grey/charcoal scattered holo which is fully opaque in two easy coats. Formula is great and drying time is pretty quick. The holo effect isn’t so strong in daylight but when looking at it in sunlight or artificial lighting it is very strong. I really like this. Especially because it’s so pretty in daylight. liquid sky lacquer rain cloud
Just for fun, a clear base packed with different size/shape pink, yellow and blue glitter. The pink hart shaped glitter makes this topper so cute. The formula is easy to work with. The only thing is that it is difficult is getting the hearts out of the bottle. I needed to ‘fish’ some out of the bottle and place them on my nails. The glitter doesn’t stick together and spread easily. I used one (slightly dabbed) coat of Just for Fun over a bright orange base (OPI, A Roll In The Hague). To get a smooth finish I topped it of with one coat of Seche Vite.liquid sky lacquer just for fun!
Evening Fireflies, a blackened dark blue base packed with lots of duochrome shimmer that shifts from blue to green. I used one coat over a black base without top coat. It is extremely shiny by itself 🙂 Looking at the bottle, this makes me think of gasoline. The formula, again, is lovely and easy to work with. liquid sky lacquer evening fireflies
Tripindicular, a hot magenta pink holo. Im not sure if it’s a linear or scattered holo. It has the quality of both 🙂 Either way, I LOVE this one. As you know, I’m a sucker for pink and also for holo. So this is just the perfect combo for me. Sorry for repeating but the formula of this is, as with the others, great. I used two coats plus top coat. liquid sky lacquer tripindicular
FOR BEST RESULT follow Carolyn’s advice:
– For chunky glitter polishes: Since the glitter settles, turn the bottle upside down for 1-2 hours, then shake vigorously before using;
– For gel/glitters: use as a top coat over your favorite single color polish, or add several layers of the gel to intensify the color and glitter. Let dry thoroughly between coats.
– For solid/duo chromes: use 1-2 coats alone, with a top coat, or with a glitter. Let dry thoroughly between coats.

You can find Liquid Sky Lacquer here for $8.00 – $12.00 each. Carolyn provides international shipping! All polishes are 3-free and have stainless mixing beads. Questions? Carolyn is happy to answer all your questions through e-mail:

*products are kindly provided to me by Liquid Sky Lacquer for my unbiased review

14 thoughts on “Liquid Sky Lacquer

  1. I want them all!!!!!Wow so much beauty at one place!!!Enchanted Waterfall looks so close to Catherine Arley 674 which is one of my favorites and this gorgeous Evening Fireflies…Hope to be able to try these guys someday….

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