Black Sheep Lacquer

Today I have another indie brand, Black Sheep Lacquer (formerly know as Funk Blend). Erin’s hand blended polishes are cruelty free! She generously sent me three of her creations for review. Thanks Erin!iusb_760x100_11215815_23vk
Let’s jump right into the swatches!

Stinger is described by Erin as follows:
“I was inspired by the colours in a wasp. Screw the sweetness of the bumble bee, I wanted to create something with bite! Its a yellow and black glitter polish in a yellow jelly base.  There’s small bits of red and brown hex glitter to give it more depth. The polish in the bottle appears completely different than on the nail, when worn its bright and vibrant”. (source).
This polish surprised me because of the major color difference in the bottle and on the nail. When worn on its own it’s very bright yellow jelly while in the bottle its more greenish. I layered one coat of Stinger over a yellow base to make it even brighter 🙂 Formula is fine and the application went easy. I needed to replace just a few glitter pieces. Pretty cool ha?!black sheep lacquer stinger
Funk Blend, a black shimmer with strong blue undertones. I layered one coat of Funk Blend over a black base. It can be worn on its own, but then you’ll need two coats for full opacity. The formula is great. Not to thick or to thin, perfect 🙂black sheep lacquer funk blend
Red Letter Day, a super bright jelly base packed with different size/shape red orange and silver glitter. You can get great coverage result in just one coat. To cover the free egdes of my nails, I used two (slightly dabbed) coats. The formula is quite thick so I advice to gently dab the polish on your nails. It’s a bit rough so it needs one (maybe two) coats of topcoat to even it out to a nice smooth finish. I think this is great for a jelly sandwich 😉black sheep lacquer red letter day
Grab yours at Erin’s Etsy shop for CAD 9.00/€ 6,07 (full size) or CAD 4.00/€ 3,03 (mini). And since you’re there you might want to purchase at least two of her creations because then you will get a free hand made cuticle balm stick! Sounds great ha!

You can find Black Sheep Lacquer on Facebook and Twitter too! Support her works of art and leave her some love girls!

*products were kindly provided to me by Black Sheep Lacquer for my unbiased review

12 thoughts on “Black Sheep Lacquer

  1. They are really pretty! Especcially Blend and Red letter day. I love your swatches. Are your nails 100% natural or have you some acrylic on them? Got I can’t imagine my nails to grow so long and pretty.

  2. I am starting to settle down about all the indie polishes – some that came and went – some far too hard to get in the first place – most over priced – most lines far too many glitter bombs … I mean I have glitter in every color, size and shape now…plus we are starting to see some of the main lines catch up to the trend (a bit). I am looking for the next big indie thing to hit like great colors that no one else has done for a time and load them with glass fleck in the way that ChG can do but does not do often enough (for me). I think it’s good the indies hit – they pushed aside the main lines with a BIG force that I am sure the main lines never thought could happen.

  3. AH! They look so pretty! I mean, i knew they were pretty previously, but you really did a nice job with them. thanks so much for the review, i’m so glad you did the yellow one. The colour in the bottle is awful compared to how it looks on, it’s not even a tinge of green like the bottle reflects.

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