Did you joined the Facebook contest that Mommy Loves Nail Polish has created? You can upload your work of art until March 1st and get a chance to win an amazing prize! Read all about it by clicking on the image below:100likesonfacebookMy mani for the contest is inspired by a chameleon. I used On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by OPI for the base and created a design by randomly add dots with 10 different colors. It took me a while, but I love how it turned out: chameleonchameleon1
What do you think of this mani?

Oh and I really could use your opinion! I’m struggling with which background I like better for my pictures. Black or white. What do you think?

19 thoughts on “Chameleon

  1. Gorgeous! As for backgrounds, I think that blogs that use black backgrounds really stand out since most everyone uses a white lightbox, so if you can get good pictures with a black backdrop, go for it!

  2. Gorgeous mani!
    For the background, I think it depends on what looks best with the polish. White brings out neutrals and pastels but black looks great against metallic or bright polishes.
    I guess that doesn’t help much, lol

    • 😀 Thanks so much!
      Uhmm I thought of a design for a long time too…. animal prints are always cool, so does gradient nails. When I’m out of inspiration I check Pinterest and if I can’t find anything there I just look around for all items that are in my living room or on tv. You can find inspiration on the weirdest places, really! Just decide if you want to do a freehanded design, use -for example- striping tape, sponging or any kind of rhinestones. Then pick your favorite color combo and just get started 😀

      • Thanks so much! I’m moving back to South Africa in a week, so I was thinking of doing an African-inspired mani. So I’m going to look around for inspiration 🙂 Thanks!!!

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