My Valentines…

VALENTINE… a day when all of us share some extra love and give each other special attention. Some may send (or receive) cards, flowers or chocolates. Here’s my simple act of love.
I’d like to put some of my girls in the spotlights on this special day because I think they deserve some love. I’m thankful for getting to know so many lovely girls throughout the last months. Just to let you girls know how much I appreciate your friendship 😀

So, lovelies this is your special day to shine:

*Louise at Mommy Loves Nail Polish*

*Jemma at Eeeek! Nail Polish*

*Marthe at Upclose & Polished*

*The Cheeky Diva*

*Luchessa at Beauty Expression by Luchessa*

*Holly at Misshollyberries*

*Brijit at Brijit’s Digits*


*Donah at SweetJellyBean*

Check out the blogs of these lovely girls by clicking on the links and leave them some love! That’s what Valentine’s day is for right?! 😀

And for the lovely girls that aren’t mentioned in this post: you know I love you too right! Come here with your cheeks: MWAH!
*cuddle cuddle cuddle*


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