Ozotic 902 Sugar

First I’d like to thank all of you lovely girls for sending me such kind Birthday wishes, which has certainly contributed to my ‘Birthday vibes’ 😀 I had a fantastic day together with my lovely boyfriend who happens to be born on the same day like me!

On to todays bottle of awesomeness, Ozotic 902, Sugar. Try to not love this stunning polish! I mean, look at it:ozotic 902ozotic 902 1ozotic 902 macro


I’ve used one coat of 902 over two coats of China Glaze’s Liquid leather.
I call this a glass flecked duochrome which shifts from purple to blue. As with all Ozotic’s the formula is great and easy to work with. When worn on it’s own it’s more lilac.

Stunning right?

Can’t get enough of Ozotic? Find them e.g. at Ninja Polish, Nail Polish Canada and Picture Polish!

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