DAY 8 Pre-Spring Challenge: Jewellery

Todays theme of the Pre-Spring Event is Jewellery. The first thing I thought of was lots of ‘bling bling’. My camera freaked out by the shinyness of this mani. That made it very hard to get a good photo. It even has captured the white background as if it is blue. Maybe needless to mention but how long do you think this mani lasted? By that I especially mean the gigantic rock and the chain… Well, 30 whole minutes 😀 Those things are just so impractical… Anyway, here it is:jewellery1
Radiance by OPI (DS)
GS10 by Nfu Oh
Silver colored chain
Rhinestones and a ‘rock’ gem 😀
(What was the person thinking while inventing this for nail art?)jewellery
What do you think of this overdone jeweled mani? 🙂

Don’t forget to earn your extra entries for the chance to win an amazing prize pack!Enter here for the Rafflecopter giveaway


19 thoughts on “DAY 8 Pre-Spring Challenge: Jewellery

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