DAY 3 Pre-Spring Challenge: Green

Today is day 3 of the Pre-Spring Avent, green. Here’s what I came up with:
green 1Colors used:
Forrest My Case by OPI
Thanks A Windmillion by OPI
Logan by Zoya
Surfing Crocodile by ANNYgreenI think this turned out pretty, don’t you?

Luchessa at Beauty Expression by Luchessa asked me to make a tutorial for my pink mani from yesterday. I like to know if you also want to see tutorials on my blog in the future. Please let me know so that I can work on that 🙂 Any idea or advice is always welcome!

And for the nail fanatics out there which didn’t joined already: JOIN US! Click on the image below to read what it’s all about 🙂 springchallenge
And don’t forget to add your pink mani to the InLinkz collection 😀 

26 thoughts on “DAY 3 Pre-Spring Challenge: Green

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  2. This is amazing. Love the color combos – maybe some day ANNY will market in the USA. I would like to try this – thinking it looks like you have a base and then did over lay long brush strokes. Maybe the base if the dark shimmery green? Sure does not look like you got the polish super thick. Really love this…I agree – I too vote for a photo tutorial!

    • Thanks!

      I’ve e-mailed and tweeted ANNY and even contacted them through Facebook, sadly without any response (so far). As soon I have more info, I’ll let you know.

      I didn’t start with a base color, just a base coat. All the “scales” are painted next to each other, row by row.
      I’ve decided that I’m gonna make photo tutorials in the future and post them on a page on my blog (including this design) 😀

  3. You see a step by step tutorial is always a nice idea, because this way your readers might get a better idea of how you’ve done it. Persoanlly i feel much more inspired to try a design myself if i really see how to do it 😉
    I bet you can do a fav tutorial. 🙂 It doesn’t have to do a particular design that you’ve already done, maybe something for the future. I’d like to see something more difficult 🙂

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