Ozotic 730

Another duochrome… just because they are STUNNING πŸ˜€
ozotic 730Ozotic 730 is another gorgeous duochrome that shifts from gold/orange to pink/magenta.Β On my accent nail I’ve layered two coats of 730 over one coat of Liquid Leather by China Glaze. De rest of my nails have two coats of 730 πŸ˜€ I thought that a black undie would make a difference, but there isn’t a dramatic difference. It shows just a bit more magenta πŸ™‚ The formula of this one is good and the drying time is average. ozotic 730 1This is a great shade for fall, isn’t it?ozotic 730 2Have you tried any of Ozotic’s duochromes or other awesome toppers?

Ps.: Stay tuned for an exciting announcement fromΒ Mommy Loves Nail Polish and myself πŸ˜€ You don’t want to miss it! πŸ˜‰

13 thoughts on “Ozotic 730

  1. Okay, not to appear dumb, but how do you get that two colored effect? Does the polish just do that on it’s own, or are you doing something with it? It’s amazing, whatever it is. LOL.

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