A England Guinevere, Ophelia & Princess Tears

A England is the creation of the sweet Adina Bodana, who describes herself as follows:

“A little girl painting her fingernails with watercolours was the start of a long life passion.

Born in Milan, Italy, Adina worked as a designer for fashion, ballet and opera, assisting Gianni Versace and as a free lance. She moved to London in 1989 in her thirties. She left a glamorous career behind towards the unknown, to eventually fulfill a mysterious and indomitable call, manifested in youth, from England the elected home.

Various experiences in fashion followed, like designing amazing frocks and accessories for a haute couture house based in Dubai. Recently she founded a painting and decorating company driven by the need to explore a different sector of aesthetic.

Passion and the search of quality and beauty have always been the constant in every project.

Painting her nails through the bitter sweet stages in life has been a constant moment of enjoyment and empowerment. Sometimes a way to start a conversation, then share an impression, a smile, a story.”

Adina sent me three of her lovely creations. Thanks so much!
a england
Guinevere belongs to a lovely collection that’s called “The Mythicals”. It’s a highly pigmented pale mauve cream that gets opaque in two coats. The picture below is taken in natural lightning.a england guinevere
The picture below is taken when the sun went down and made place for a cloudy sky. The picture above is more color accurate. I just wanted to show you how this polish looks when it’s mattified (accent nail).a england guinevere 12
Ophelia is part of the “Gothic Beauties” collection. It’s a black base filled with purple shimmer. I’ve used two coats here. The first two pictures are taken in natural lightning. a england ophelia 1a england ophelia
I found it very hard to photograph the amazing purple shimmer. So sad! The two pictures above don’t do this polish justice. On the picture below (taken under artificial lightning) you can see the purple shimmer. It’s so lovely!a england ophelia 2
Princess Tears belongs to “The Legend” collection. It’s a silvered lilac with lots of ultra fine holographic glitter. One of a kind if you ask me! I’ve used three thin coats for the pictures below.
The picture below is taken with flash which shows the holographic glitters. A lovely shade!a england princess tears 2
Below you can see how Princess Tears looks in sunlight. Less lilac, more silvered!a england princess tears
And here is how it looks in daylight. Much more silvered. It’s magical!a england princess tears 1
Adina’s creations are available through her website for £9 with free worldwide shipping (!). Head over there to find information about the entire product range!
You can find her also on Twitter and Facebook!

* products were provided to me by A England

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