Ozotic 506

Do you have polishes that make you say OMG out loud? that’s what happened with this one:ozotic 506This multichrome is Ozotic  506 and shifts from blue to purple and even to copper at some angles. This is what I call a stunning polish!
ozotic 506 0I’ve layered two easy coats of 506 over two coats of China Glaze’s Liquid Leather. The formula of this polish is excellent!ozotic 506 3ozotic 506 4

23 thoughts on “Ozotic 506

  1. Love toppers. I have been enamored with them since the late 90’s when I recall some of the first non glitter toppers coming out – and some are still in my stash today from back then!

    • Thumps up for holding on to polishes for years. I LOVE that! I’d love to see your stash. I bet it will cause major lemmings though. Especially since you also have some ‘oldies’ that I’m dying to have 😀 You know, the stinky formulas and the Black Labels…

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