Ninja Polish Zultanite – Facets

ninja polish zultaniteNinja Polish describes Zultanite as:
“Zultanite is not well known but is rare and
phenomenal. The gemstone is a soft, gold that shifts to an amazing green. In
honor of this gemstone we have a polish with equal beauty. This polish is also
ideal over black to show its truest coloration but is truly amazing over a dark
brown. The gold shifts through to an amazingly bright green. Again this polish
is accented with amazing glitter that shifts right along with the polish. The
sparkle and color shift of the glitters adds the most amazing brilliance to the
polish and lives up to its name”.

I’ve layered 1 coat of Zultanite over two coats of OPI’s Black Onyx. Formula is -as with Color changing garnet– great which makes application very smooth and easy!ninja polish zultanite1Above: sunlight
Below: natural lightninja polish zultanite.

Ninja Polish Color changing garnet belongs to their Facets collection, which consists Color changing garnet, Alexandrite and this one, Zultanite.
ninja polish zultanite bottle
Ninja Polish Zultanite is available exclusively at their webshop, $11 for a 15 ml – 0.5 fl oz bottle.

What you you think of this? And do you have any Ninja Polish?

7 thoughts on “Ninja Polish Zultanite – Facets

    • I’m evil… I know 😉
      But my goodness… that webshop has A LOT Ozotic’s! You will love Ozotic. They have an amazing formula 🙂
      Is hubby telling you that I have a bad influence on you yet? Hope not 😀

      • Hubby does not know you’re awesome blog posts are the reason for me acquiring some of my latest polishes….I think he would probably contact wordpress and tell them to change my login info 😉

        And yes, is really awesome with the selection of polishes they carry….I wonder if I can find out how high I am on their list of best customers? 😉

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