Nfu Oh #JS12 – Jelly Syrup

nfu oh js12Nfu Oh’s #JS12 from their Jelly Syrup series is a pale lilac jelly. A great color for spring! Most jellies need three or sometimes four coats to get opaque. This one is an exception! I used two coats here 🙂 (without top coat) That’s a big bonus right?nfu oh js12.

14 thoughts on “Nfu Oh #JS12 – Jelly Syrup

  1. that is stunning! i love jellys and that one is just gorgeous and perfect for spring! i keep seeing all these spring colors and its getting me into a “spring” type of mood. then i look outside and its snowing with 2 feet of snow on the ground and i go right back to my darks lol this is going on my list tho! thanks for a great post!

  2. Very pretty! I’m pretty obsessive with my nails though, I have to change polish every other day, lol. Don’t really think my nails would be able to handle that 😦 Not to say I wont try it anyway if I ever happen to see it on sale…

  3. This is such an awesome color! I love your new look too! Your pics are always so great. Are these your nails or someone else’s? I hate to be so dumb, but when you say “jellies” is this regular polish or the gel polish that has to be cured? That’s all I use anymore, and I’m always looking for more new colors. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! Yes, these are my own nails 🙂 And by jellies I mean the ‘finish’ of the polish. Jellies are extremely shiny and translucent. I really love that!
      By mom taught me that there is no such a thing as silly questions 😉 I agree with that!

      I never used a gel polish, but I like to try it. Is it true that it guarantees long wear?

      • It does. The polish is much more expensive than regular polish, Usually ten bucks or more. But, I try to find it on sale. If my nails are buffed, and I do a good job putting it on and don’t get it too thick, I only have to do my nails twice a month or so. The hardest part is getting the damn stuff off. There are a lot of brands out there, but I always ALWAYS use the good stuff-CND for a base coat. Otherwise, it won’t come off without taking layers of nail with it. I’m sure I’m destroying my nails with the stuff, but damn! They sure look good. I’ll tweet you a pic of my current manicure in a bit if you’d like to see it. 😀

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