Ninja Polish Color changing garnet – Facets

ninja polish color changing garnetNinja Polish describes Color changing garnet as:
“Color changing garnet does not have a flashy,
exciting name, but it can not be discounted as it is gorgeous. This gemstoneshifts magnificently from a green to gold to red — the shifting in thisgemstone will keep you captivated! This polish starts off in a rich, copper redand shifts to a rich emerald green. The accent of glitters that shift with itis stunning. Ideal over black for its truest color however placing it over adark, vampy red is truly outstanding!”

I’ve layered 1 coat of Color changing garnet over two coats of OPI’s Black Onyx. Formula is great which makes application very smooth and easy!ninja polish color changing garnet...Ninja Polish Color changing garnet belongs to their Facets collection, which consists Zultanite, Alexandrite and this one, Color changing polish color changing polish color changing garnet bottle

Ninja Polish Color changing garnet is available exclusively at their webshop, $11 for a 15 ml – 0.5 fl oz bottle.

What you you think of this? And do you have any Ninja Polish?

25 thoughts on “Ninja Polish Color changing garnet – Facets

    • REALLY? I’m so jealous! I’m dying to have Alexandrite but Ninja Polish told me that they’re out of pigments. They will make more if they get new pigment. I really need to have Alexandrite. My Facets collection isn’t complete without it 😦 Ps.: I’ll post ‘Zultanite’ tomorrow. Do you have that one too?

      • I do not. I wanted to get all three but I controlled myself and got my favorite of the three lollol that sucks about the pigments she is great and I know that when I first got it, it was also out of stock and she was able to make more, hopefully she will soon for you, because it’s too amazing not to have in your collection!!

  1. Really pretty and I am a huge sucker for ‘effects’ and layering polishes – I have been for yrs and yrs into various topper shades. I have so far not ordered anything from Ninja but I plan to put in an order with them when I am in my ‘down’ phase post surgery and starting my next round of chemo – I will have time to look carefully at my wallet and think of what I want from the web and do my searches for photos – then when I get home after my 6 weeks away, I will have presents waiting for me!

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