Ozotic 528

First I like to wish you all a Happy New Year with lots of love, joy and happiness!
Thanks to all my true followers, for your likes, kind comments and advice! I ‘met’ a lot of great and sweet people through this blog. I’m so grateful for that. You guys rock! I hope to see you all in 2013.

I want my last post for 2012 to be one that’s perfect for NYE. So I chose to use Ozotic 528, a clear base filled with multichrome glitter which shifts to pink, teal, blue and purple. I love… no… I really LOVE this polish. I’ve layered one coat of 528 over two coats of OPI’s Black Onyx.
ozotic 528.Pretty awesome isn’t it?
ozotic 528ozotic 528...ozotic 528 bottle
Do you love this as much as I do?

15 thoughts on “Ozotic 528

  1. Ok did i already tell you that i DONT LIKE YOU?! LOL how dare you to have such fantastic nails?? hΓ€ hΓ€? πŸ˜›
    Loving this color, its so futuristic & totally screaming new years! Any more posts about this brand? It’s another one that’ unknown to me…
    Oh and Happy New Year hon πŸ˜€

    • Muhaha! I don’t like you either, you know that πŸ™‚ Just kidding sweetie!
      I’ve pre ordered more of this brand. Yihaaaa! They don’t have ‘regular’ shades, only holo, (duo)chrome and other special effect top coat. It’s awesome! A bit pricey though (like Butter London), but it’s worth it!

      Happy New Year to you too hun!

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