DAY 19 Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Ugly sweater

An ugly sweater makes me think of weird and ugly patterns and color combinations. So for this theme of the Advent Calender Nail Challenge I did just that 😀ugly sweaterColors used:
OPI Forrest My Green (green)
OPI Alpine Snow (white)
OPI Black Onyx (black)
ANNY Woman in Red (red)
OPI DS Indulgence (Rudolph’s nose)
OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know? (Rudolph’s antlers)ugly sweater.

Is this ugly enough? :p

The lovely Mommy loves nailpolish has created an easy way to see what the other girls made for this challenge (Inlinkz). You can also add your link there 😉

Happy polishing!

12 thoughts on “DAY 19 Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Ugly sweater

  1. BTW – this is the 2nd time I have seen OPI Forrest My Green referenced in shades used and I am drawing a total black on when/where this shade came from/out…I am thinking it must be from some OPI exclusive for store X that I don’t ever see/follow. I pulled up on Google but only am finding references of it in blogs that have used it for a shade. Really curious where/when it came out. Sounds like it would have been a holiday shade at some point. But I know all the OPI holiday collections back to when they started doing them around 93 or maybe it was 94/

    • I really have no clue when it came out or to which collection it belongs. I picked it up at Sephora because I loved the shade and because it had a sticker on the bottle saying “exclusively for Sephora”. I’ve searched a long time for more information, but can’t find anything anywhere 😦 If you do, please let me know!

  2. Finally an ugly Christmas sweater mani that really looks like one of those absolutely terrible ones I would see at Walmart and other places. I still remember wearing what we back then thought were good ones! I got rid of mine long before they went into the ugly thing – my friends where thrilled to get my discards! I did not want to wear anything in fashion that has themed I decided about 15 yrs ago. This is just great! I look at it and it just reeks of ‘those’ stamped on patterns on a sweatshirt or looked like they were made in some China sweat shop who never got the photos of what the design was supposed to look like!

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