DAY 17 Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Inspired by a Christmas Movie

the grinch
Another difficult theme of the Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Inspired by a Christmas Movie. I immediately thought of The Grinch.
But pheewww this mani has cost me almost two hours! For the base I’ve used OPI’s Forrest My Case. I’ve made The Grinch and the poor scared little girl Cindy Lou Who with acrylic paint.


inspired by a christmas movieinspired by a christmas movie.The lovely Mommy loves nailpolish has created an easy way to see what the other girls made for this challenge (Inlinkz). You can also add your link there 😉

Happy polishing!

20 thoughts on “DAY 17 Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Inspired by a Christmas Movie

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  3. Oh they came out sooo cute! I have seen some really talented nail work doing Grinch this yr! I could get bare lines drawn on paper but never get ’em onto my nails! Must have taken you hours! Huge pat on the back – hope you got to show these off IRL!

    • Just read that it took 2 hrs – I would have thought it would take 5! That’s a ton of detail work! I don’t recall OPI’s Forrest My Case – gotta look that one up – I thought I had all the names sort of in my brain – all but the specialty shades that were say ULTA exclusives and stores like that which we don’t have in my area.

    • Ahwww such nice things to say! Thanks a lot! I often suffer from shaky hands (as today), so I could have made it more neatly I guess. But I like how they came out. Such a shame that I need to clean it up tomorrow for the next challenge…

      • I also have a tremor. It’s worse some times than others. Mine came after I had a stroke. Worse on my left side however and I am right handed. I think as much time as this took I would use someone else’s nails to do tomorrow’s challenge on!

      • Oh my.. I’m sorry to hear that!
        It’s very annoying isn’t it?
        Mine came after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 5 months ago. Mostly my left, but also my right hand…

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