Nfu Oh #JS26 – Jelly Syrup

nfu oh js26It’s not a secret that I love jelly’s 😀 After I photographed todays screwed up mani -yes, I think it’s that bad- I immediately cleaned it up and grabbed one of my new jelly’s: Nfu Oh’s #JS26, a lovely berry jelly. I think this one -after the black one (#JS01)- is my favorite so far. I mean, look at it. I think it’s gorgeous!
It’s less magenta in real life than the pictures show. The bottle shows the color more accurate.
I’ve used three coats without top coat. nfu oh js26.

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7 thoughts on “Nfu Oh #JS26 – Jelly Syrup

      • Could U follow not annonomously please because then it will not work. Also could you give me a shoutout and maybe even some advice on how to get more followers or make my blog better? It would be an amazing birthday present! haha


    • They sure put your patience to the test! But, a lovely jelly is definitely worth that! You really don’t wanna know how often I screw up a mani just because I can’t wait long enough to let it completely dry.

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