OPI Venus di Violet

If you are following my blog for a while then you already know that it’s my hobby to collect discontinued and hard to find polishes. This one was on my wishlist for quite some time. Venus di Violet by OPI is a re-release from their Colleziona Collection 2001 and belongs to their Colorcopia Collection of 2009. It’s a iridiscent pearly soft lilac. Sadly I can’t seem to capture the color accurately. In real life it’s way more pearly. Believe meΒ when I say that it is stunning!
Since it is a bit sheer, I’ve used three coats here.

6 thoughts on “OPI Venus di Violet

  1. I really like this! Its so pretty! A great nuetral polish. For work. Or when u wanna have that soft romance look. And im like u!!! I like to stumble upon rare polishes from old old collections. Ones that are hard to find and come by. πŸ™‚

  2. I adore this shade – have had it since it’s old original release back in Black Label days. Wish you lived close to me – love to show you my stash. I have some old OPIs that date back to the early 90’s and even maybe one from 89 right after they first came out with the brand. I used to only buy OPI once I got hooked – my days of using CND were kind of over at that point until I rediscovered CND Effects! If you like this I bet you would like Essie Demur Vixen – I think they changed the name to Demur Vix – least I read that a while back – I bought 2 bottles of that essie when it came out. It’s a less sheer than this OPI but it’s got the same lovely blue/pink flash in a bit darker shade of this same hue base.

    • Just googled Essie Demur Vix(en): lovely! And indeed the same effect πŸ™‚
      Yeah, it’s a pitty that we don’t live closer together. I bet I’d go crazy seeing your ‘oldies’.
      I kinda like the “stinky” formula of the oldies. How weird is that?!
      Do you have the holo version of ‘My Private Jet’? And ‘La Boheme’?

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