OPI Absolutely Alice

For those who don’t know already; I love to collect polishes that are rare, discontinued and hard to find. For me it’s a sport actually 😀
So, when Jamie at In The Gray Areas e-mailed me that she is going to send me OPI’s Absolutely Alice I got very excited. It belongs to the Alice In Wonderland Collection that was released back in the spring of 2010. Now these days it’s hard to find and has been sold by ridiculous prices. I’m happy that I could add it to  my stash. Let’s take a look at this awesome glitterbomb:

It’s a bit darker then the picture shows. I’ve used two flawless coats here.
I just adore this polish. Do you have any of the polishes belonging to the Alice In Wonderland Collection?

19 thoughts on “OPI Absolutely Alice

  1. I absolutely love this color too! This is the only one that I have from the Collection, I have been trying to hunt down Mad as a Hatter, but am just not looking to spend the price that is being askedf for it. One thing I do hate about this polish though, not sure how long you kept it on or if you had this problem too, was the chipping! Boy did this B* chip for me! 😦 but its absolutely fantabulously gorgeous!

  2. This is such a coveted shade by so many. It’s been copied a lot but no one has come up with what this beauty holds. I have this and a # of back up not used yet bottles of this as I knew it was going to be a VHTF one. I also have Mad As A Hatter and think I have 4 or 5 bottles of that. I got them when it was in retail. Hatter is another one much imitated but non hold a candle to the original at all. I also have the 2 reds that were part of this small 4 bottle collection – Off with her Red and Thanks So Muchness. The latter is a really pretty red -but it was the 2 glitters that really got things going big time in glitterland madness. Even OPI has never topped these 2 IMO!

    • That is such a clever thing to do! Buying multiple bottles of those which you know are one day become hard to find. I have several HTF polishes on my wishlist. Until today I’ve stil not found any of those 😦 Keep searching… 😀

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