Thanks to…

I’m so excited to show you these awesome polishes that are handmade by the lovely Jamie at In The Grey Areas. I was totally excited -read: shocked- when she e-mailed me that she was going to send me some of her creations. She sent me six polishes that were made by herself and also six other special polishes which of course I will show you later 😉 She even sent me a couple of bags with loose glitter and cute hearts. It felt like Christmas when I got them. Can’t thank you enough Jamie. They’re all L-O-V-E-L-Y!
Aren’t they lovable?

There are even holographic glitters in there! Oh my! 😀
I’ll post a picture of the semi matte black polish later. So stay tuned!
Check out how Jamie turns a clear polish into some awesome glitter polishes! And of course, don’t forget to follow her blog in the future. You don’t wanna miss it, trust me 😀

@ Jamie: You really need to start a Etsy shop or something like that. This needs to be seen by everybody who loves nail polishes if you ask me.


6 thoughts on “Thanks to…

  1. Where can you buy the Anny brand? I just can seem to find any info, most especially about the ANNY Walking Boots from Open Air Hippie Festival collection..Please help!

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