Nfu Oh Holo #61-66

I’m so excited to share with you my holographic polishes by Nfu Oh. If you love holo’s as much as I do, you really need to scroll down to check out these beauties!
I’ve used 3 coats without base- or topcoat. I’ve heard that Aqua Base by Nfu Oh is a must under these holo’s. Does anybody have experience with that? I’m curious if that increases the holo effect. I didn’t use topcoat because I’ve read that it ruins the holo effect. Enough talk, let’s take a look at these gorgeous holo’s.

4 thoughts on “Nfu Oh Holo #61-66

  1. I do have the base coat. I didnt get it at first because I didnt want to spend the money on it but after the trouble I had with baldness, I decided to get it and glad I did. I dont find it makes the polish look that much different except that the application is way better so therefore there are no streaks or baldness. I did however find that after having them for awhile, I went and opened a bottle and it was all thick and gloopy:(

  2. I’ve actually found that the aqua base really makes the holo shinier, almost like adding a top coat but without detracting from the sparkle. When I wore mine, they looked almost matte without the aqua base. It also made them last a little bit longer. I only own the blue one though, so I can’t speak for the others!

    • Thanks for your comment! That’s a great help. I’ve found that they are a bit matte indeed. If the aquabase can make a difference I think I’m gonna go for it then. Especially for the shine 😀

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