Dance Legend: 549 – Confetti Collection

Let’s take a moment to admire this beautiful polish from the Confetti Collection by Dance Legend… Here’s 549… Holy smokes!dance legend - 549 1It has a gorgeous pink shift to it which is way more dramatic in real life. I am in love with this! This is three thin coats plus top coat.


El Corazon: Magic Evening Fantasy 423/555

Happy Friday!

In previous posts I’ve told you that I love the Magic Collection by El Corazon. Today I have Magic Evening Fantasy (423/555) to show you, which is perfect for Fall. el corazon - magic evening fantasy1What a stunning color, right? It has lots of golden shimmer but it could easily be color shifting flecks, I’m not sure. Shimmer or flecks, it’s lovely! The very corner of the bottle shows that it also has a slight green sheen. Very pretty!
The formula is great and very easy to work with. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Have you seen El Corazon’s brand new website? Check it out here. Their polishes are also available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping).

Have a fantastic weekend! :*

Essence – Rock Out!!

essence rock out
Hi everyone!

Today I have a recently released collection by Essence to show you, Rock Out!!

Here’s what Essence says about this new trend edition collection:
essence loves music! things are going to get musical in october and november 2014 with new trend edition “rock out!” – essence is once again an official sponsor of the MTV European Music Awards. glasgow is ready to welcome the who’s who of the international music scene on the 9th of november 2014 and fans can look forward to a breathtaking show.
This trend edition offers cool beauty pieces and an exciting color scheme consisting of silver, mint, pink, purple and black. highlights include the vinyl shine lipgloss, which comes in two trendy colors with a high-shine finish. and your nails are sure to shine as bright as the stars on stage: four nail polishes, a top coat as well as nail and body tattoos are here to create a pure party feeling with their glow-in-the-dark effect. and with the shoe accessory in a retro-cassette design, your shoes are spreading the rock’n’roll vibe, too!
It’s showtime… with essence!

Let’s take a closer look!
First up, two favorite colors of mine… pink and purple! The pink one is called Best Pop and contains lots of pink and gold shimmer, fleck like. Yummie! The formula is nice and the pigmentation of this one is good. I used two coats plus top coat here.
The lilac one, Best Female, one the other hand is extremely sheer. It also has lots of gorgeous shimmer but I did needed three and a half generous coats for full opacity. And still I have some visible nail line.essence best female - best pop1And here we have Best Hip-Hop, a very sheer gunmetal base packed with fine multi colored glitter. I’m doubting if this is buildable to an opaque finish on it’s own so I layered it over a grey base color. On my accent nail I’m wearing two coats of Best Rock, a metallic silver base with a hint of fine multi colored shimmer. essence best hip hop - best rock1
Last AND least… Biggest Fan, a glow in the dark top coat with silver holographic stars running throughout. Honestly, I threw away my photo’s as soon as I uploaded them because this is a huge disappointment to me. I added one coat over a white base because glow in the dark top coats work best over lighter colors. Getting a nice amount and placement of the star shaped glitter was almost impossible. I didn’t needed to fish them out of the bottle, that’s a plus. But they just don’t work well with this polish. At the end I just dabbed some on my nails which resulted in a gooey uneven finish. Ugh. This isn’t for me. So, sorry guys I only have a bottle shot to show you:
essence gitd

Thanks for stopping by! :*


OPI: Don’t Speak – Gwen Stefani

Oh Em Gee! Another gold leaf top coat! Take a look at OPI‘s Don’t Speak from the Gwen Stefani Collection (Holiday 2014):
opi - don't speak1It’s an 18k gold leaf top coat that is different from The Man With the Golden Gun and Pure. This one has gold leaf flakes along with fine gold shimmer running throughout. This is my favorite from the 3 mentioned. It has more depth due to the fine shimmer and is denser. The formula is perfect. No need to fish in the bottle, dab or replace the gold particles. This is one easy coat over ANNY’s Bloody Return.

It comes in a gold bottle that is packaged in a collectors box:opi - don't speak bottle2Gotta love this fancy box, especially if you’re a hoarder like me :D
opi - don't speakWhat do you think of this one? Which gold leaf top coat is your favorite?
opi - don't speak bottleThanks for stopping by! :*

Zoya: Oswin – PixieDust Fall 2014

Happy Halloween!

You probably all know by now that my fave colors are red, purple, pink and blue. So when I saw photo’s of the three new PixieDust polishes by Zoya I just needed to have them.

Here’s two coats of Oswin, no top coat:
zoya - owsin1

The formula is great and goes on smoothly despite the bigger glitter particles. Lovely!

I can hear you thinking… where are the other two, Noir and Arianna? Well, funny not so funny story… I swatched all three and uploaded the pics from my camera the day after. And guess what? I hate how the photo’s of the other two turned out. Just.. arghhh I can’t even explain it. So yes, I’ll make sure to take some proper pics when I wear them again.
Stay tuned for those ;)

To all my friends who are celebrating Halloween: Have a blast!
I’ll probably be watching a scary movie tonight :D


Eeeek! Happy B-day!

Jems-Bday-Graphic-with-names1Woo hoo! Today is the birthday of the lovely Jemma a.k.a. Eeeek! Congrats honey!
All girls mentioned in the image above have re-created a mani done by Eeeek! How exciting is that?
This one is for you, Jem:
ikatI picked this one mainly because I love the color combo. I am still on the hunt for the perfect medium gray cream. I just can’t believe I don’t already have a nice gray cream. Suggestions are very welcome! The one used for this mani (China Glaze: Pelican Grey) has shimmer, although you can hardly tell from the photo’s. Besides that the formula is so thin that it’s runny. You know, over floating cuticles and all :/ Too bad, because it’s a lovely shade!
For this mani I used the following polishes:
Zoya – Purity (white)
Catrice – Black For Gold (black)
China Glaze – Pelican Gray (gray)
OPI - I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana (yellow)

I’m pleased with the final result but wish I’d used a different black polish because this one was so thickened that it got a bit messy. What do you think?
ikat1Don’t forget to check out the mani’s that the other lovely girls mentioned above have created ;)

Jem, I wish you a fantastic day sweetheart! :*

OPI: Skating On Thin-Island + My Voice Is A Little Norse

Hi everyone!

You’ve probably already seen OPI‘s newest collection for Fall, the Nordic Collection.
And again I wasn’t over the moon excited about the colors. Out of the twelve polishes I picked the four that really caught my eye. Here are the first two:opi - skating on thin ice-land - my voice is a little norseThe base is two coats of Skating on Thin Ice-Land, which is a purple cream. Not very special but I just love purple so I needed to have this one. The formula is great. This is two easy coats. To make this mani more interesting I created a glitter gradient with My Voice Is A Little Norse. This is a holographic top coat. It’s quite dense so I think this can be worn on it’s own with three (?) coats. opi - skating on thin ice-land - my voice is a little norse1Did you picked up polishes from this collection? Which one(s)?