Zoya: Oswin – PixieDust Fall 2014

Happy Halloween!

You probably all know by now that my fave colors are red, purple, pink and blue. So when I saw photo’s of the three new PixieDust polishes by Zoya I just needed to have them.

Here’s two coats of Oswin, no top coat:
zoya - owsin1

The formula is great and goes on smoothly despite the bigger glitter particles. Lovely!

I can hear you thinking… where are the other two, Noir and Arianna? Well, funny not so funny story… I swatched all three and uploaded the pics from my camera the day after. And guess what? I hate how the photo’s of the other two turned out. Just.. arghhh I can’t even explain it. So yes, I’ll make sure to take some proper pics when I wear them again.
Stay tuned for those ;)

To all my friends who are celebrating Halloween: Have a blast!
I’ll probably be watching a scary movie tonight :D


Eeeek! Happy B-day!

Jems-Bday-Graphic-with-names1Woo hoo! Today is the birthday of the lovely Jemma a.k.a. Eeeek! Congrats honey!
All girls mentioned in the image above have re-created a mani done by Eeeek! How exciting is that?
This one is for you, Jem:
ikatI picked this one mainly because I love the color combo. I am still on the hunt for the perfect medium gray cream. I just can’t believe I don’t already have a nice gray cream. Suggestions are very welcome! The one used for this mani (China Glaze: Pelican Grey) has shimmer, although you can hardly tell from the photo’s. Besides that the formula is so thin that it’s runny. You know, over floating cuticles and all :/ Too bad, because it’s a lovely shade!
For this mani I used the following polishes:
Zoya – Purity (white)
Catrice – Black For Gold (black)
China Glaze – Pelican Gray (gray)
OPI - I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana (yellow)

I’m pleased with the final result but wish I’d used a different black polish because this one was so thickened that it got a bit messy. What do you think?
ikat1Don’t forget to check out the mani’s that the other lovely girls mentioned above have created ;)

Jem, I wish you a fantastic day sweetheart! :*

OPI: Skating On Thin-Island + My Voice Is A Little Norse

Hi everyone!

You’ve probably already seen OPI‘s newest collection for Fall, the Nordic Collection.
And again I wasn’t over the moon excited about the colors. Out of the twelve polishes I picked the four that really caught my eye. Here are the first two:opi - skating on thin ice-land - my voice is a little norseThe base is two coats of Skating on Thin Ice-Land, which is a purple cream. Not very special but I just love purple so I needed to have this one. The formula is great. This is two easy coats. To make this mani more interesting I created a glitter gradient with My Voice Is A Little Norse. This is a holographic top coat. It’s quite dense so I think this can be worn on it’s own with three (?) coats. opi - skating on thin ice-land - my voice is a little norse1Did you picked up polishes from this collection? Which one(s)?


OPI: The Sky’s My Limit – Mustang Collection

A while back OPI released their Mustang Collection, a collaboration with Ford. I wasn’t all to excited about the six polishes. To me there isn’t really something that we haven’t seen before. I couldn’t resist picking up The Sky’s My Limit though. Why? Well, Catch Me In Your Net is on my wish list for a long time and this one seems similar :D
opi - the sky's my limit1Pretty, isn’t it? Lovely shimmer! I used two coats plus top coat for the photo above.


Llarowe: Billy Jean

An entire collection inspired by the one and only Michael Jackson? Gimme gimme gimme! Since my teens I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson. So when I saw that Leah Ann launched an entire collection inspired by this legend I knew I needed to have some.
This is Billy Jean:
llarowe - billy jean1So gorgeous and perfect for Fall. I love this kind of deep red hue’s with a purple tone to it. It has super pretty shimmer running throughout that shifts from violet to copper. Amazing! This is two flawless coats plus top coat.

It’s not a surprise that I will be back with more polishes from this collection, right? :D

Billy Jean is available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping).

Catrice – Liquid Metal (Matt)

I’m so excited to see all the new collections that are going around right now :) Catrice added lots of new polishes to their regular line but they also added 16 (!) more polishes to their Luxury Lacquer line (not to talk about their new collection for Fall). 8 of those are part of the Liquid Metal line. There are 4 matte polishes and 4 shiny ones. Today I like to show you the 4 matte polishes.
catrice - liquid metal - matt - collageThese polishes come in square bottles instead of the regular round ones. So chic!
catrice - luxury lacquer - liquid metal - matt - bottlesSwatches and review below! :)

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El Corazon: 512a – Confetti

el corazon - 512a confetti1Ahhh look at this gorgeousness! This is 512a from the Confetti range by El Corazon.
El Corazon keeps amaze me with the amazing formula of their polishes. This is another micro glitter but this one is holographic. Yay! Lilac and holographic micro glitter swimming in a pink base. It dries super fast to a semi matte and slihtly gritty finish. I used two coats for full coverage. Then I added two coats of top coat. This polish is top coat thirsty so one coat simply doesn’t give a smooth and glossy finish. Nevertheless I absolutely love this! el corazon - 512a confetti

This polish is, along with many other amazing polishes from great brands, available at Hypnotic Polish (worldwide shipping!).