Cadillacquer: Seek The Fire

Hi beauties!

Today I have a gorgeous polish by Madeleine, the mastermind behind Cadillacquer to show you. When I did a massive swap with my friend Nailluminati a while back, this was one of the polishes that I’ve sent her. After seeing more and more photo’s I just couldn’t resist also picking it up for myself. It’s the kinda weird color combo that caught my eye. I just love odd color combinations. I’m weird like that :D NO mustard hue’s though!

So here it is… Seek The Fire:
cadillacquer - seek the fire1It needs to be said that the formula is pure perfection. So smooth! Especially since it contains glitter. It basically applies itself. This is two easy coats plus top coat.cadillacquer - seek the fireI can’t believe this is just my first Cadillacquer! I already have my eyes peeled to grab Masterpiece, which is another odd combo (green with red).
And although I was convinced that green isn’t really my kind of color I keep seeing myself buying them. I guess some weird green shades or odd combinations must be exceptions for me.

Did you know that Cadillaquer polishes are also available at Hypnotic Polish? Check them out here.

piCture pOlish: Holiday

Whoop whoop! Holiday is here! As soon as I saw the announcement on piCture pOlish‘s Instagram account that this limited edition polish was in the making I knew I needed to get my hands on it. And here it is!pp - holiday bottle1Holiday is described as a scatter holo/flakie ‘special edition’ topper with individually numbered bottles. Perfect for the Holidays :D
The formula is great. It glides on smoothly and gives an even coverage of the flakies and holographic sparkle. I used one coat over black undies:picture polish - holiday1 Continue reading

El Corazon: 121 – Matte Effect

Happy Friday!

It’s quite difficult to find a good matte nail polish. I’ve tried some good ones but I’ve also discovered that most matte polishes tend to leave brush strokes. This is 121 by El Corazon. After one coat I knew it needed a second one for full coverage. I thought that it’ll definitely get streaky, but no: not at all. Completely smooth in 2 coats! Oh and on a side note… look at that bottle: matte! Such a nice touch :Del corazon 121 1For my accent nail I used a sponge and Fireworks Galaxy (available at my shop) to add a bit of color and topped it with one coat of matte top coat.el corazon 121El Corazon polishes are available at their website and at Hypnotic Polish.

Have a great weekend! :*

Catrice: Vienna Rose Woods + ARTful Red – LE Viennart Collection

Hi lovelies!

Catrice recently released a new limited edition collection called Viennart. Today I have two of the four polishes from this collection to show you.catrice - vienna rose woods - artful red1For my base I used two coats of Vienna Rose Woods. This has a lovely shimmer running throughout which sadly my camera refused to capture. The formula is nice but I think you’ll need three thin coats for full coverage when you wear it on its own. The warm red is called ARTful Red, also two coats. I love that one. It has a gorgeous shimmer or are these flecks? Either way, it is so pretty! The formula is perfect and it has a great pigmentation. catrice - vienna rose woods - artful redThis turned out to be a pretty combination, don’t you think?

Thanks for stopping by! :*

El Corazon: 513a – Confetti Collection

Hi beauties!

Today I have another El Corazon polish to share with you. El Corazon added more gorgeous polishes to their Confetti Collection. Yay! This is 513a:el corazon 513aThe pigmentation is great. It is on the thicker side, but nothing problematic. This is jam packed with micro glitter. Lovely! I used tow coats plus a generous coat of top coat here. I advice to use a generous coat of top coat or maybe even two because this polish is slightly top-coat-thirsty. el corazon 513a1El Corazon polishes are available at their website and at Hypnotic 
Polish (worldwide shipping!) :D

Enjoy your Sunday! :*

Zoya: Ki + Born Pretty Store Flakies

Hi beauties!

Ki by Zoya was sent to me by Holly when we did a swap a long time ago. Thanks sweetie! I can’t believe I haven’t posted about it earlier. It was on my wish list for a long time. zoya ki - bps flakies3Such a beautiful duo chrome! The first coat was sheer but with a second coat it’s fully opaque. I used a flakie polish by Born Pretty Store to create a gradient effect. These polishes by BPS don’t have a name. This is number #4.
zoya ki - bps flakies2I really like this combination! What do you think?

Speaking of flakies… have you seen the two new ultra chrome chameleon flakie polishes that are newly listed at the shop?
flakiesThere are more flakie polishes in the making ;)

ANNY: Project Fame + MAC: Mean & Green

I think I’ve found a lovely combination to wear during the Holidays :)
For my base color I used two coats of Project Fame from the LA Star Collection by ANNY, which has a velvet finish. So gorgeous! And what a great formula. It’s very pigmented and could be a one coater if you have shorter nails.
Then I added a vertical line with Mean & Green by MAC. I really need to try this over black and on it’s own. Such a lovely color shifting polish. I didn’t used top coat here:anny project fame - mac mean green1A weird hand pose below to get a better look at the color shifting properties of Mean & Greenanny project fame - mac mean green2What do you think of this combination? I think it turned out so pretty, not too in your face but it gives the base color just a little bit extra.

To all my friends who are celebrating the Holidays coming weekend: Have a blast!

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